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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 100

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

It didn’t take long anymore, to change from Raymundo to Ferguson. So when Lucky said it was time to practice shifting, but with a change to the subject’s insides, he sat on the bed and tried to followed Lukcy’s instructions. “I think I’m ready.” Raymundo opened his eyes and held his arm out. The bed squeaked as he shifted. Lucky placed their hand under Ray’s wrist, holding an open pen in her other fist.

“Don’t flinch.” Lucky met Ray’s eyes. “Don’t hold your breath.” He licked his lips and nodded. The lights were off, the curtains were closed, and the TV was blaring. “If you did this right, you won’t even think about screaming.” They smirked, but Raymundo only swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

Without any warning Lucky’s fist plunged down, Raymundo’s breath hitched and he flinched before the metal tip could penetrate his skin. Lucky sighed. She gripped hid wrist, tightly. Pressing her thumb over the bumps of his blood vessels she watched as his fave contorted with pain.

“You didn’t do it right.” Lucky tossed his arm back to him. Spinning the pen around her fingers she got up from the bed and paced towards the door to the motel room and then across to the curtains.

“Clearly.” Raymundo rubbed the inside of his wrist. He could feel Lucky’s thumb still, and the nerves they had pressed were still throbbing.

“Then do it right!”


“I’ve told you how!”

“Oh yeah.” Raymundo shook his head. “Because your instructions are so clear!” He ran his hand across the top of his head, feeling the peach fuzz left from Ferguson’s recent shave instead of his own, longer hair.

“What part of don’t grow the arm nerves don’t you understand!”

“I did that yesterday, and I couldn’t move my arm!”

“Isolate the pain nerves!”

“Why didn’t you say that!”

“It’s not my fault you didn’t understand!”

“Well sorry I’m a human and I’m used to having all my nerves!”

“You’re only half!” Lucky stepped close and held the tip of the pen under Ray’s nose. “And it’s not my fault you don’t know the difference between the motor and sensory nerves!” He blinked.

“Would knowing the difference help?”

Lucky sighed. “Yeah.” The hand with the pen fell back to their side. “It would help.”

“Guess we need to find an anatomy book.” A few deep breaths and Raymundo returned to his regular form. “Then we can try this again.” He rubbed his wrist again. “So I can properly make the distraction for Skylar’s escape.”

Lucky nodded and tossed the pen onto the nightstand. “Let’s go.”

Word count: 434

Made it to 100 Days!

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