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Week 43 Recap and Week 44 Preview


I wrote 2,452 words this week! It was a pretty good week overall, the procrastination bug only hit me on Friday and Saturday, so it wasn’t nearly as stressful as some weeks.

It was also a nice week since the words were easy. Gash, cranny, and hairball felt the most plot relevant. While dongle was fueled purely by nostalgia. It could have some relevance, but doesn't necessarily have any great importance.

Eyeball was fun to write, and thematic since Halloween is just around the corner. Boil was just weird, I wasn’t sure how else to use it though. So the story for boil really doesn’t fit in.

All in all I enjoyed the week.



Let’s see what Halloween and the first week of November has in store for me.

October 31st: ictic

November 1st: junk

November 2nd: bulbous

November 3rd: chortle

November 4th: lubber

November 5th/6th: glutton

It is fitting that the only word my spell check is saying is wrong, or just funny? Ictic and lubber were the only words I didn’t immediately know the definitions of. Luckily enough, none of them are hard, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to weave them into stories. This week should be fun!

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