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Week 28 Recap Week 29 Preview


I wrote 2,304 words this week! Five out of six of the prompts I spent on Qwortar, which I think is the most I’ve done in one week on the planet. It was fun, a few more post-famine stories were certainly something interesting to think about.

Gleek was hard to include. Partially because the definition that stuck in my head was the one referring to fans of the show Glee. And that certainly doesn’t mesh well with the plot, especially since I was thinking mostly about Qwortar where that definition certainly wouldn’t fit.

Overall though, the words fit well in scenarios that have some tangible relation to the plot. Not that I see all of them fitting in a longer narrative, but they would fit as a set of deleted scenes.



July 18th: caucus

July 19th: lipid

July 20th: masticate

July 21st: plump

July 22nd: brine

July 23rd/24th: coagulate

Okay. This week feels all over the place. The words aren’t super out there, or words I’ve never heard of, which is nice, but aside from brine and lipid, the rest don’t immediately lend themselves to the plot or world I’ve been building.

Especially caucus.

Am I surprised there is another word related to politics? No. Should I be? No. Am I annoyed? Yes. I agree why caucus is in the calendar in the first place, but these political words always give me to most trouble in finding a place to fit them. And on Monday! Which this particular Monday I’m also busy with the last round of 2022’s Writer’s Games. Sigh.

Caucus probably won’t be a favorite of mine this week, but I’ll try not to let my annoyance and dread make the prompt any harder than it has to be. Hopefully the rest of the week makes up for it.

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