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Week 27 Recap and Week 28 Preview


I wrote 2,779 words this week! It was an interesting week. Most of these prompts aren’t super related tot he prompt, but they are fun to write. Amoeba allowed me to think more about the Qwortarian’s shapeshifting ability, and while this scene itself wouldn’t be likely to make it into a novel, some of the details, the rules in a sense, will be important in other projects with Qwortarians.

I used the good old science fiction trope of logs, or official diaries, for blattnerphone. Seeing as the blattnerphone is an early sound recording device used nearly a century before Skylar’s arrival on Earth I didn’t see a good way to introduce it to any of my core characters.

It was a fun week overall.



Let’s see if next week has some fun words.

July 11th: dinky

July 12th: eschew

July 13th: flaccid

July 14th: gleek

July 15th: hornswoggle

July 16th/17th: infection

Well then. This week has a mix of words that don’t immediately bring to mind anything particularly plot relevant, but I’ll think of something.

The only word I didn’t immediately recognize was eschew. Dinky and hornswoggle I’ve seen in stories before and know what they mean. If I’m trying to tie these words to the plot, it might be a bit difficult, but in terms of finding stories which can help me get to know my characters or my world, it won’t be as difficult.

On to the next week, hopefully with lots of fun scenarios.

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