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Week 26 Recap and Week 27 Preview


I wrote 2,356 this week! What a week. It was a strange one that is for sure. And most of the days I was pushing getting the prompts written, regular old procrastination I guess. I’ve been at it now just over six months, so… yeah. Halfway there!!

Marrow was a fun prompt to write, pulling off of different medical shows I’ve watched. Then for a few prompts I’ve started going down the path of what if the famine on Qwortar was caused by science gone wrong, not necessarily on purpose sabotage. That’s been interesting. It certainly could be an angle that could be fully explored in a novel.

And cumulus! That prompt was fun. Deciding to explore what might be happening inside those pocket capture vessels Lucky used, well. I had fun. And there may be more to come. There could be other shenanigans happening in that space.

Urp… well. I wish I didn’t procrastination so much on that one. I think I could have done something a little more… plot related. Oh well. It was a fun moment, just not a moment that would be important to the overarching story. Unless I was doing something centered around DJ.

Anyway, it was an interesting week, mostly fun despite being pulled by procrastination this week.



And let’s see what is happening this next week.

July 4th: mothball

July 5th: regurgitate

July 6th: spatchcock

July 7th: amoeba

July 8th: blattnerphone

July 9th/10th: juice

First, the only word that is like, one hundred percent new to me is blattnerphone. Like, I had never seen this word before, never heard it, don’t remember seeing or hearing it used in any of the media I consume. It… will be the most interesting word I think to work into a story.

Spatchcock I learned during the lock down, as a slightly different way to cook a turkey that cuts down on cooking time and it could still be moist and not dry. Spatchcock and blattnerphone are both words my open office want to autocorrect into other words. Spatchcock into Hitchcock. Blattnerphone into answerphone. (Which I’m assuming has to do with an answering machine, but I couldn’t tell you without looking in a dictionary.)

I am really surprised that juice has made it onto this list. Really? Juice! I love juice. Loved it so much as a kid my parents had a hard time getting me to drink milk. To be fair to the writers of the calendar expressed that juice used for fruit and vegetables is fine, but juice being used like ‘eye juice’ or ‘cow juice’ is when it gets ugly. But still. Sometimes I wonder if they were running out of ideas and had to stretch some definitions.

Oh well. Juice will be easy at least. This week will be pretty fun I’m sure.

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