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Week 25 Recap and Week 26 Preview


I wrote 2,674 words this week! Nothing was too difficult, and a few of the pieces this week lend themselves to the larger plot that has started to form. While the stories for schmear and pulp are just reiterations of Skylar learning more about Earth, or John getting a bit more info about Qwortar, the rest have more to do with the bigger picture. Bric-à-brac isn’t quite as repetitive in the Lucky teaching Raymundo subplot, because it adds a little bit of something new to Qwortar’s dynamics.

Then soil, clump, and gurgle all connect to larger plot points. Clump focusing on the big drama on Earth about freeing Skylar, and soil and gurgle examining the problems on Qwortar. Some of which I’m leaning into for now, though not entirely sure if it is something which I would explore in a novel if indeed I manage to thread some of these challenge short fictions and other scenes into something larger.

It’s almost the end of month six, and I realize that repeating similar short plots might become a bigger issue. Which I think is why I introduced Raymundo and his friends earlier on, and then Lucky, and this week I did more stuff with Qwortar than I have in the past. Introducing more characters, more settings, and expanding things is how I’m trying not to be super repetitive.

Hopefully next week’s words lend themselves to some new ideas.



Now here are the words for next week!

June 27th: marrow

June 28th: worm

June 29th: oaf

June 30th: pierce

July 1st: cumulus

July 2nd/3rd: urp

It’s funny how the one word open office wants to correct is also the only word this week I didn’t know the definition of: urp. Still, urp will be easier to fit in than something like gerrymander and gubernatorial.

It took me a moment, but I didn’t realize cumulus was spelled this way. But once I read the description in the calendar, including how to pronounce it, everything made sense. Though, out of all the words this week, I have to wonder why the pronunciation of this word made cumulus make the final cut for this calendar list. Even though this list is really subjective, isn’t there uglier words out there? It will be a fun word to use, just odd in comparison to words like marrow, gurgle, worm, cack, and others.

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