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Week 20 Recap and Week 21 Preview


I wrote 2,744 words this week! And what a week it has been.

Like most weeks I feel some of the stories are better than others, or fit the possible overarching plot better. Malignant was the only story I feel to really directly, and obviously fit into what plot I’ve stumbled across while writing these little flash stories.

Not that the others weren’t fun to write. I found myself giggling while writing the gingivities and spork stories. Lice was also an interesting one to write, playing around with possible consequences to staying in a different form for a significant length of time.

After the first two days, seeing the numbers, I decided on another little challenge for the week. (I’m crazy, I know.) Seeing how the first two days this week came up coincidentally as palindrome numbers, I decided to make the rest of the week’s word counts be palindromic numbers too! It was kinda fun, but also a little annoying. It was another reason to cut words, sometimes words I wasn’t sure I wanted to cut, but cut I did.

Though I do a lot of cutting anyway with my personal limit of 100-500 words a day. So, it wasn’t horrible, but definitely not a new rule I want to impose for the rest of year.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week.



Now it’s time to take a look at the words for next week!

May 23rd: phlegm

May 24th: reek

May 25th: schlub

May 26th: brexit

May 27th: clot

May 28th/29th: gunk

One new word this week, schlub! It’s fun to say that’s for sure. Really, brexit? I’m not sure I’m surprised that another political word ended up on the list (it can be a really ugly subject after all), but that one… well. I guess I know it already, unlike some of the other political words. It’ll go easily enough in dialogue for one reason or another.

It shouldn’t be too bad of a week. I’m looking forward to see what I come up with.

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