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Week 19 Recap and Week 20 Preview


I wrote 2,664 words this week. What a long week. The stories were fun, but now I am tired.

I think my favorite this week was epiglottis, it’s a fun word to say, and an interesting body part to inspire a story. The epiglottis plays an important role, and I’m pretty sure with how often I choke mine gets mad at me when I try to breathe and swallow at the same time.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with bladderwort, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The idea the shape shifting alien would change into the plant’s prey in order to get a better look at how it works was my favorite spur of the moment inspiration this week.

The calendar’s definition of aitchbone was a little misleading. So I had this whole story about Raymundo while he was a squirrel, and then I double checked the definition and had to change everything. My first story didn’t use aitchbone correctly, and I wasn’t sure I could smoothly use it the right way without making it sound weird. Though the changed up story is probably the one I’m least happy with, but then again, it was the largest last minute change I made this week.

All in all, I made it through this week, large changes or not.



Let’s see what this week will bring.

May 16th: filth

May 17th: gingivitis

May 18th: spork

May 19th: irregardless

May 20th: lice

May 21st/22nd: malignant

I know them all! Well, malignant I didn’t have the exact definition, but if the calendar was right, then I already knew a working definition of the word. Also, spork is a commonly used word, but my spell check has a whole list of words it would rather change spork into. Which I think is amusing.

At least the words themselves aren’t going to be the difficult part of writing this week.

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