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Ugly Words Challenge: Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview

Recap- Week 2

This week went pretty smoothly actually. I wrote 2,844 words this week! Quaff and panties didn’t stump me for long and those days were conquered. It’s been over two weeks and for the most part I’ve fallen into a routine, which is good since that means I’m not thinking too hard about getting started and posting.

I’ve tried to mix up the way I’ve used them, not always tossing them into dialogue. I know they are short snippets, and one of my strengths I personally feel is dialogue, I should use this opportunity to test my weaknesses. (Which there is plenty more to practice.)

Douche and Quaff were the ones I really enjoyed writing this week. And working with Raymundo and DJ is something I look forward to doing in the coming months.

Week two over and out!


Preview- Week 3

Now let’s take a look at what this week has in store for me!

January 17th: astroturf

January 18th: bologna

January 19th: crepuscular

January 20th: goop

January 21st: milquetoast

January 22nd/23rd: pungent

Haha… what? Words I don’t think I’ve ever come across- crepuscular and milquetoast. (And I’ve read a lot in my life.) Luckily for me, this calendar gives the definitions of the words, so now I know what they mean. They look, and sound like they’d be something on that gross factor that I was expecting to find myself in, but their definitions aren’t anything like that.

Like I say in my rules I don't want to use the definition in the work itself, giving readers a chance to figure it out using context. I'll discuss the definitions of crepuscular and milquetoast in next week's recap for just that reason. (Though nothing is stopping anyone from finding their dictionary of choice.) Either way, new words will be learned, and that's never a bad thing.

All in all, I don’t think any of the words will be of any particular challenge to me. I think I’ve used pungent before even so, easy peasy. And goop! I love that word; it is fun to say.

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