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Ugly Words Challenge: Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Preview

Recap- Week 1

This certainly has kept me busy! I wrote 3282 words. Mostly I sprinkled the challenge words into dialogue, which well, is probably the easist. At least, I like writing dialogue. I talk enough myself that most of my characters also talk a lot.

Kitschy was surprisingly difficult to include, and I went through several different ideas before settling with the cardboard avocado. And the jaundice line feels very throw away since the only thing you really glean is how Raymundo's father knows his son would be focused on money when finding the barn with the old spaceship. Otherwise including the challenge words wasn't so bad.

Week one over and out!

Preview- Week 2

Let's take a look at next week's ugly words!

January 10th: mildew

January 11th: nausea

January 12th: douche

January 13th: panties

January 14th: quaff

January 15th/16th: snot

Overall, I think these words hit the gross factor I was expecting more out of this ugly words calendar. So... yay, I think? Looking ahead I might have a little trouble with panties, for the fact I almost never use that word in my own life. And then there's quaff, which the definition relates it to alcohol so that might be interesting to figure out with my current cast of underage characters. I know that it doesn't stop them from actually consuming alcohol, but I've always felt weird writing characters that participate in underage drinking. Or I may find another way to incorporate the word, that's the fun of writing- creativity!

(As long as I follow the other rules I set for myself.)

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