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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 93

After a long first day of seeing inside the building where Skylar was being held, Raymundo sunk into the creaky bed. On his back, blinds drawn in the semi dark room, he closed his eyes. With all the practice, he quickly shed the looks of Ferguson and became his own person again. Two deep breaths and the strange pressure in the back of his head that came with staying in another form for too long went away.

Without the sound of a door opening, the bed creaked some more with added weight. “Hey Lucky.” He didn’t open his eyes as they pat Raymundo’s knees. “How’s Skylar?”

“They are doing just fine.” Lucky hummed, and it sounded so much like Becky, Raymundo opened his eyes. The peeling paint on the ceiling proved he was in the dingy motel room. “Unharmed and in good spirits. Mostly they seemed bored.” They huffed a strand of their hair away from their eyes. “I was bored too.”

“Is Skylar kept in like, a prison cell or something back there?”

“No!” Lucky clapped their hands. “It’s pretty nice actually.” They frowned at the tiny room. “Nicer than here anyway.”

“Good for Skylar.” Raymundo pushed himself to a sitting position.

“What happened with you?” Lucky stretched their legs out, feet hitting the other bed. “Didn’t that Schular guy pull almost everyone else at the facility into some meeting?”

“Yeah.” Raymundo groaned and covered his face. “And I almost got myself sent away for… I well, I said too much at the meeting.”

Lucky pulled and tugged, and then really used some Qwortarian strength to yank Raymundo’s arms away. They narrowed their eyes at them and hissed. “You did what now?”

Raymundo did his best to explain the meeting and the confrontation.

“Ray!” Lucky dragged the word out and jumped to their feet. “I thought you were too smart to impugn Mr. Schular!”


“We are already on a tight timeline.” Lucky waved a hand in front of Raymundo’s face. “Now, we have to hurry, because he totally suspects something!”

“I’m sorry!”

“We are lucky we did enough research before impersonating our targets.” They rubbed their temples. “But now we should just get Skylar and get out ASAP.”

“Do you even-”

“As speedily as practicable.”

“Close enough.” Ray sighed. “When do you think that will be?”


“But we haven’t even finished staking-”

“Mr. Schular could put extra precautions in place.” Lucky crossed their arms. “We get Skylar out tomorrow, or we’ll get caught.” They leaned forward. “And all that man will care about is that you are half Qwortarian.” Raymundo gulped.

“Tomorrow then.” He nodded. “Sounds good.”

“Great.” Lucky walked over to the small lock box and entered the combo. “Let’s go over the plan again.”

Word count: 459

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