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Week 15 Recap and Week 16 Preview

Updated: Apr 23, 2022


I wrote 2,772 words this week!

Looking back at the words, I realize now most of this week focused on Becky while Raymundo is off helping Lucky. I never really thought about it, but most of my weeks probably focus on a particular character group.

This week was pretty decent, nothing too difficult. None of them stand out as particularly fun to write, though I guess the barnacle story has an important plot scene. The story for decrepit, I liked it, but I feel like it could be more fleshed out, at least the reason why Skylar wasn’t chased or tracked further. Or, the guard could just… not be there in the first place? Really it just needs some pondering in terms of over arching plot I guess.

Still a good week though.



Let’s see what I’ll have for this next week!

April 18th: gesticulate

April 19th: impugn

April 20th: zit

April 21st: cataract

April 22nd: lugubrious

April 23rd/24th: maggot

Interesting. Learning two more words this week, impugn and lugubrious! So that’s fun. Otherwise things look pretty straight forward.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with maggot. Guess it is a good thing it is at the end of the week, I have something to look forward too. Well, a really fun word to look forward too. The others will be interesting to work with too I’m sure.

Anyway, off to next week!

Happy Easter!

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