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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 78

Chosen language: Qwortarian.

Ini ait zil gni art lsn ita nno.

Eht nus saw ats itr tgn iro w,es lih are umy odn dna cul pyk ttu ieh lpr ina otn tca noi.

Rif wts tsa the aow ubm ehs eg,s itt mgn ssi oig nav ain mdn ef.r ugr nos tni hwo lta kcu tay nar als det p,sa kco cte tpa eru sev les sss”. Yar num tod uoh thg eht owt not sde ehp ser tiw sah lam ubl ott oln eko ild aek kop abé lll.

Ohc nes nal aug e:eg lgn his.

Initializing translation.


The sun was starting to rise, while Raymundo and Lucky put their plan into action.

First was the two ambushes, getting Miss Giovanni and Mr. Ferguson into what Lucky translated as, "pocket capture vessels". Raymundo thought the two toned spheres with a small button looked like a poké ball.

Briefly he was distracted wondering if any of his ancestors had influenced the franchise, but Lucky's transformation prompted his own. It took a lot of focus on activating his phenogland to match the latest sample of DNA.

Raymundo never really thought about how small his frame actually was, until it felt like he filled twice as much space in a mater of seconds. "Whoa." His voice was deeper too. Luckily they had already changed outfits, or Raymundo's clothes would have ripped apart.

"You've gotten faster." Lucky’s fingers trailed across his shoulder blade as she walked around to face him.


"Does this shirt make my bosom look big?" Lucky frowned and tugged on the black shirt, buttons straining to hold the fabric closed.

Raymundo glanced down. "Are you sure they aren't supposed to be smaller?"

"Who's the expert here?" Lucky snapped, hands on her hips.

"You." Raymundo held up his hands. "But during surveillance Miss Giovanni's shirts never looked so tight."

Lucky sighed and started pulling Giovanni's hair back into a slick bun. The fabric stretched, gaping in the center. "Maybe something happened to her and they got smaller?"

"I guess she could have had surgery."

Lucky grabbed the pocket capture vessel, and twisted a dial at the bottom Raymundo hadn't noticed. Lights turned on around the dial, projecting several images. One was a general human shape, with the sign for female next to it, and then there were pictures of every article of clothing, wallet, and a key ring.

Giovanni’s doppelganger pulled the dial out of the sphere. Even though most of the items were too big to actually fit out of the small hole, every item fell out of the sphere and onto the threadbare carpet.

"Uh," Raymundo watched as Lucky poked through the pile and picked up the bra. "Did you take all her things?"

"And leave her naked?" Lucky smirked as Raymundo blushed. "No, the vessel made copies of them."

"Then why didn't-"

"The vessel needed time to scan the items. And you are slower at transforming." Lucky twirled the bra strap around her finger. "Maybe I need the right kind of chest underwear for my bosom."

"No one says bosom-" Raymundo quickly spun around as he realized Lucky was taking off her top. "Anymore." He squeaked.

"Are all humans always so shy?" Lucky teased.

"Sorry this society doesn't walk around naked all the time.” Raymundo muttered. Her laughter filled the small room, making it hard for Raymundo to hear them announce she was properly dressed. Once he did turn, he gave a Lucky a look over and nodded. “That’s better.”


“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Word count: 490

(Word count not applied for the italicized section in the beginning.)

Happy April Fools!

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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