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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 44

"Coming up, we have the exclusive story about the trench in our local state park." John sat up straight, staring at the TV as his father changed the channel.

"Dad." John reached for the remote. "We have to see that story."

His father snorted. "Oh, so you're interested in the news now?" There was no reply, just begging eyes from John. "All right, we'll listen to that story." When his father went back to the channel, it was still a commercial. Holding his breath, John counted the seconds until the news came back.

"For our next story we go to our field agent Ben."

"Thanks Stacey, I'm here at the Green Pines Campground and Park, which has been closed for nearly a month. The trench was discovered after the rangers heard strange noises and felt something like an earthquake. One of those rangers is here with me, Wilbur. So Wilbur, why do you think the Feds still have the park on lock down?"

"Aliens." He said. Wilbur was clean shaven, clear eyes, and continued to speak evenly, almost like he was discussing a grocery store list. “Something hit the ground alright, because just five minutes before everything was normal as can be."

"Well," Ben looked back at the camera, his lips nearly giving away what he thought about Wilbur's story, "you heard it here first. Aliens have landed. Back to you Stacey.”

“Thanks Ben and Wilbur.” Stacey flicked her hair back over her shoulder. “And that concludes the five o clock news.”

“What a load of crock.” John’s dad switched the channel again. “Aliens.”

“Yeah.” John shook his head. “Crazy. Can I go to Emily’s?” A hand wave and John was up and out the door.


John filled Emily and Skylar in on the story.

“Right,” Emily rubbed her forehead, “but Skylar’s sensors pick up people in their ship all the time.”

“I know,” John sighed. “Plan A is out.” For a moment the three of them sat on Emily’s bedroom carpet in silence. The ceiling fan whirred.

“Can’t you call, or send a message to someone back on Qwortar?” Emily asked. “Maybe they can do a recovery mission.”

“Yes, call more ships.” John grumbled. “That’ll go over really well.”

“Sarcasm?” Skylar asked. John nodded. “Good, because I agree, with how not well it would go.” They rubbed their neck; John could see the outline of Skylar’s device in their throat. “But… as I was approaching Earth, my ship picked up something that I thought was a glitch.” They were up on her knees, reaching for the small globe on Emily’s dresser. “A Qwortarian signal, a blip, but I believe it came from somewhere along the Atlantic coast.” Skylar’s finger trailed the eastern coast of the US.


“That’s all I know.” Skylar shrugged. “If I take my personal device out, I could probably try to get a trace of the signal. And I have to be closer to pick it up.”

“Road trip!” Emily jumped up.

Word count: 498

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