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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 30

This was not going well. Raymundo jumped out of the ship, leaving the door open behind him. He had his face tucked into the crook of his elbow, coughing.

There was a lot to admire about the ship more than a century old, but the idea of using a smell defense wasn't one of them in Raymundo's opinion.

It was quite the stench that was spreading from the bowels of the ship. Heavy, thick, Raymundo swore near the epicenter he could see a green cloud of the stuff, but he hadn't stayed to see.

His toes curled, his throat constricted, his nose had instantly started feeling stuffed in his body's attempts not to perceive the noxious fume he had accidentally unleashed.

Still covering his mouth and nose Raymundo stumbled over towards the barn door. The stench was starting to fill the barn too. He didn't like leaving the door open, but he really needed to air the place out.

Turns out, he needed to do more than that. The anti-tampering device was still pushing out the odor nearly ten minutes after he tripped it. The smell was tolerable outside, since there was a breeze and fresh air, but it wasn't subtle.

"Ew!" Becky's shout came from the other side of the treeline, the purpose of which to obscure the barn from the highway. "Ray-Ray, what's that?" Her voice sounded different, and when she appeared Raymundo could tell why. Becky was pinching her nose. "Please don't tell me that's an alien fart I smell."

"I didn't do this!" Ray waved his hands in the air and then coughed. "Well, not my body, it was the ship! I set off a trap!"

"It better be the ship." Becky started coughing. "Because if it was you I think this would be a deal breaker." She rubbed her eyes, which were begging to water.

"Says the woman who studies poop for a living."

"The microorganisms that live in feces." She corrected with a toss of her hair.

"Details." Raymundo coughed.

"So," Emily pointed to the ship, "aren't you going to turn the trap off?"

"I can't go back in there!" Raymundo's eyes were also burning, but it was sheer determination keeping them from watering.

"It only responds to your voice!" Becky started to throw both arms in the air and then quickly covered her face again. "Make it stop Raymundo! Before the stench attracts someone!"

He sighed. "I hate that your right." There was a glint in her eyes; she was smirking behind her hands.

Raymundo took as deep of a breath as he could, holding it as he ran back to the ship.

"Deactivate smell trap!" He gasped out, his determination wavering and his eyes now starting to water.

“Deactivating odor trap.” Raymundo stumbled back outside to let the ship and barn air out.

“Done.” He sat down next to Becky on the wall of the barn.

“Thank goodness.” Becky pulled her hands away from her face.

Word count: 494

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