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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 286

Lucky stretched, listening to Raymundo’s snores. He was such a heavy sleeper Lucky wasn’t afraid to reach for the remote and flip through the channels. Blurry cartoons, garbled action movie, and then it was back to one of the few channels they could actually watch.

It was more talking, yelling actually, and Lucky tilted their heads trying to understand the man on stage.

"Are you tired of getting the short end of the stick in life?" There was a pause, and a few quiet responses. "I can't hear you!" The affirmatives were more numerous, and louder. "Are you tired of being stuck at the bottom of the barrel, only getting the leftovers of those above you?” The man pumped a fist in the air as people in the audience agree with him.

Lucky was still trying to figure out the origin of the stick metaphor as the man went on, comparing life to a mountain climb, a race, a popularity contest, and a few other things Lucky couldn’t remember as they tried to figure out all these comparisons. And then finally, as the crowd of people were standing, and hollering, and practically singing his man’s praises though Lucky hadn’t figured out any advice being given.

“And do you know what you call those people at the top? Those finishers, those bosses, those people who hand you leftovers?” The man pointed behind him, the camera panned to show the blackboard. Thick chalk spelled out a word Lucky started to sound out before the man said it. “Trenchant folks! They know what they want, they define their goals, and they are efficient in chasing them.”

“Better be careful listening to people like that.” Raymundo yawned as the man continued speaking his listeners into a frenzy. “At the very least they usually try to sell you something, or worse.”

“Well, I just think he is strange. He speaks with a lot of metaphors, and it is confusing.”

“That’s kind of the point I think.” Raymundo reached for the remote and Lucky handed it over. “Should we get ready for breakfast?”

“Yum.” Lucky threw off the covers and flung their legs over the edge of the bed. Raymundo chucked and turned off the TV.

Word count: 370

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