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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 285

Raymundo sunk into the recliner at DJ's house. Over the baby monitor DJ was saying goodnight to his son.

Raymundo was so lost in thought, he jumped when the cool glass bottom of a beer was pressed against the back of his hand.

"You look like you need it." DJ said before sitting on the couch nearest Raymundo.

"Thanks." Raymundo looked at the baby monitor, Chris was still making noises, but he wasn't crying like he used to when being left alone at bedtime.

"So is it girlfriend, future in-law, or inheritance problems that have you so broody?"

"The latter I suppose, though it gets a little tangled in the first two."

"Share your burden."

"That's the problem." Ray took a sip of the beer, already a little flat. "What if I don't want to?"

"I'm not forcing you to tell me what's wrong."

"No, like, what if I don't want to pass on the inheritance. Because it's getting harder and harder to hide, and the world is getting worse, and I don't know what will happen when shit hits the fan, because at some point, maybe not in my lifetime, but shit will hit the fan someday."

"Oh." DJ cleared his throat. "Well then."

"And Becky's mom, besides being the worst clean freak I've ever met, which is fine, I could handle that in small doses, but she expects like, five grandchildren."

"Well that's not her decision."

"Becky always talks about having a large family, and I... I've wanted one too, but I don't think..."

"Have you talked to Becky about this?"

"I mean... Not exactly."


"She knows I'm freaking out about the inheritance thing! She's watched me stockpile like ten pints of blood! And the very things I'm freaking out about will only compound with each child."

"But does she know these fears make you hesitant to have children? Raymundo, you can't assume she made the connection, not on something this important."

"You're right." Raymundo sighed and swirled the beer. "But maybe I'm better off as a singleton until I die."

"Ray, that won't help. Who would keep Star Surfer-"

"After I'm dead, she can be discovered, and then the truth can come out, but since I'm dead, the world wouldn't have to panic."

"Those logs show you are a shape shifter, I don't think people will believe you are dead and panic anyway." Raymundo took a swig of his drink.

"What if I destroy it?"

"So, be the last, and leave nothing behind to find?" Ray nodded.

"But you said Lucky was one, what if, someone from Qwortar comes and there is nothing and they think us humans destroyed you and Star Surfer? You could start the first intergalactic war!”

“And hiding the knowledge for generations is any better? What if that just starts a World War III?”

“I don’t know Ray. I wish I knew the answers.”

“I know.” Ray finished his beer. “I wish I knew too.”

Word count: 493

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