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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 280

"We have been at it for days." Raymundo groaned. He pressed his hands into his lumbar region, the damp rag leaving a mark on his shirt. "I don't think there is a dust bunny left in your apartment.” He looked towards Becky’s living room, the plush couch looking really inviting. “And mine is cleaner than when I moved in."

Becky turned to him, damp rags in both hands and a big yellow handkerchief tied over her hair. "You don't know my mother." Her eyes were both wild and steely, a look that sent a shiver down his spine, but that didn't stop him from speaking.

"What? Is she going to look under your stove or in the toilet tank?" Raymundo started to smirk, a chuckle building in his chest, but all that halted when Becky slid past him. She smelled like the cleaning products they had been using the past few days of their cleaning frenzy.

"How could I forget to clean the toilet tank!" She screamed as her dust collecting socks left her skidding past the bathroom door.

"I was joking!" Ray yelled. She disappeared into the bathroom. "Are you joking?" Her answer was the clang of the ceramic top being moved.

Raymundo leaned against the door frame while Becky busied herself with the tank. She was kneeling on the toilet seat, one hand pressed against the black tiled wall. The cover was on the ground between the little garbage can and the wall. "How do you even clean it?"

"You just clean it with..." She snapped her fingers a couple times, pointing to the hall. "I need the jawn."

"What?" Raymundo looked over his shoulder. The broom and dustpan leaning against the wall in the hall didn’t look promising. But they were the only things he saw. “The broom?”

"No. The... The... Thing. The jawn... in the closet. The... It's white with bristles, I think that one is blue."

"A toothbrush?"

"No! The extra toilet brush."

“Oh.” Raymundo dragged it out as he retrieved the item from the closet. “Sorry. Your Philadelphia was showing.”

“Oh shut up. Either help clean or go home.”

“Go home and make a mess?” Raymundo joked. Becky reached for the toilet bowl brush and he held up his hands. “Kidding! I’m kidding. I’ll go… wipe the top of the refrigerator.”

“Good. Oh, and do under there and the stove as well.”



Word count: 400

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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