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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 276

Emily fell backwards onto her bed, tossing her cane to the side. It clattered against her desk and she heard John sigh.

"How are you supposed to find it when you just throw it like that?"

"Why do you think I have so many?" She countered. He sighed again and the floor creaked as he moved around. "What are you doing?"

"Putting it in the stand." The tip of her cane clicked in the bottom of the wooden structure meant for umbrellas, but used for Emily's canes instead. There was a moment of silence before John spoke. "How are you feeling?"



"Blergh." Emily nodded and pushed herself up on her elbows. "I mean come on, how else would you describe being question over and over multiple hours at a time?"

"You tell me. You are the walking dictionary."

Emily sighed and flopped back down. The bed squeaked and one of her pillows bounced against her outstretched fingers. "That's how blergh I feel. I can't think of a better word."

Emily didn't hear John move, but she felt his weight on the edge of her bed, and a soft tap to one of her knees. "We'll get through this. There's no real evidence we helped Skylar leave."

"Yeah, I guess." Emily pulled the pillow against her chest squeezing it tightly. "Though I'm surprised you're the one talking about it so openly."

"Why's that?" He asked.

"Because what if they bugged our houses?"

"Oh." And suddenly his weight was gone from her bed and she could hear his clothes rustle as he paced. "Oh no. What if they did? And my van? And our phones? What if they are listening right now, what if they've been listening ever since Skylar was ratted out? What-" Emily sat up and threw the pillow, not hearing it hit John, assuming the carpet absorbed the sound of impact. "Really?"

"It's nice to have you being more worried, but I still don’t want to hear you worry for longer than a couple minutes.” She smirked as he groaned. “Because even if they bugged anything we own, there isn’t much they can do about it.”

“Except repeated questioning.” The bed shifted under his weight again. “But yeah, I suppose they won’t do anything else without, well, without solid proof that Skylar was here.”

“Still annoying.” Emily reached out, found John’s arm, trailed her fingers up to his shoulder and then rested her head there. “You don’t regret helping them, do you?”

“No.” John tilted his own head to rest on hers. “And I never will… unless Qwortarians invade.”

“That’s fair.”

The two were lost in their thoughts on how a possible invasion would go until Emily’s mother called them down to dinner.

Word count: 456

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