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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 273

In the ten minutes Jatydid spent trying to get a strong enough connection to receive the latest message from Leama, everything else was destroyed. The first thing Jatydid noticed when they returned to their greenhouse, was the smell.

The thick musk hit them before they could even comprehend what they were looking at. Even then, it was the crunching sounds reinforcing the notion something was wrong. (reword?)

An entire heard of deerlopes was eating Jatydid’s crops. “Hey!” They yelled and grabbed a rake and a shovel. It didn’t matter really, the deerlopes had already eaten almost everything. And the animals were not threatened by Jatydid, not when they were eating for the first time in days. “How did you even get in here.” The mumble preceded Jatydid lowering their tools.

Moving around the perimeter, swiveling their eye stalk back and forth. Plenty of hoofprints in the soft dirt, tufts of fur caught on branches, and then Jatydid finally caught the glint of broken glass. One shattered glass pane in the back of the greenhouse was all it took.

Shifting through the debris, Jatydid found several two pound rocks that were not part of any of the flowerbeds. Leaving the bleating of the deerlopes behind, Jatydid headed outside. Another rock lay near the camera, which was dented and pointed away from the section of barbed wire fence it was usually pointed at.

Upon closer inspection the main server for their security cameras was also dented and there was another rock nearby. The barbed wire was cut, but Jatydid wasn’t surprised. The mud was molded, drag mark through their yard and beyond the barbed wire.

Jatydid sighed, leaving the broken wire behind. They didn’t bother trying to get the deeropes out of the greenhouse, or fix their security system.

It wasn’t worth all the effort while their stomach gurgled on near empty.

Word count: 390

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