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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 212

Earth. The name the dominant species, humans, has named this globular planet. My first thoughts upon approaching it was awe. The amount of blue, surrounding the green and stripes of yellow. Oh and the beautiful white caps on the northern and southern edges of the planet.

From here the scans read a lush planet with life in many forms. Flora and fauna abound, and I am excited to take a closer look with my own eye. Initial scans are promising I can explore in my own shape for a while before I find a form which will allow me to blend in easier.

I am preparing for my first landing. I’m excited to learn more about the planet than the scans can tell me.


“That was the last anyone heard from Charwin.” Skylar dropped their voice, swiviling their eye at the small Qwortorians sitting around the fire. Little shivers run up and down the eye stalks of the youngsters.

“But,” a purple beak bounced along their body as their voice warbled, “Charwin was the greatest explorer ever!”

“He never came home.” Skylar said, lowering their eye stalk a little to look the purple beaked child in the eye.

Another child, one which had chosen to be in a form with no tentacles, rolled closer to Skylar. “So, Charwin died on Earth?”

“Or in space.” Skylar reached down and plucked a few stray leaves from the young juvenile.

“But what happened? Is Earth that dangerous? Or was Earth that great?” Many questions filled the air around the crackling of the fire.

“No one knows.” Skylar said as their turned their eye to the sky above them. “And no one has gotten permission to go to Earth to search for answers.” Skylar didn’t know how many petitions had been written and sent off, only to be sent back with a refusal. “Though, it is possible, if someone like Inquirius were to privately fund another expedition, maybe then, the answers would be found.”

But the library was dusty and old, barely kept up enough for the building to stay standing. And the keepers didn’t know the library all that well, so while the information was there, it was frustratingly difficult to find.

The children were just as curious as Skylar, but they were more sure someone would find out what happened to Charwin someday.

“And they’ll be an even more famous explorer than Charwin!” The purple beaked kid waved a tentacle in front of Skylar’s view of the stars.

“Perhaps your right.” Skylar mumbled as they looked back down at the children.

Word count: 430

Happy Labor Day!

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