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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 194

Skylar waited in the living room for Emily. Flipping through the TV shows they came to a channel playing a telenovela. One female had slapped another and angry Spanish burst from both characters.

With a bit of internal manipulation, Skylar was able to turn their translator to Spanish, and suddenly the shouting started to make sense. Well, the words did, but why they would fight over some fine china was lost to Skylar.

Emily's footsteps may have been quiet, but the clack of her cane on the kitchen tile was loud enough for Skylar to peek over the back of the couch.

Emily leaned against the door frame, tilting her head. "Oh, the china episode. So much drama."

"You understand Spanish?"

"As soon as we could talk, mom signed my sister and I up for Spanish lessons. Lorain took my mom’s offer to learn more, but I didn’t.”

"Why did your mother sign you up? Why didn't you continue learning languages?" Skylar snapped their fingers a few times. "Oh, and how many does your sister know?"

"Lorain knows four. English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Learning more languages didn't interest me as much as cooking, which I convinced my mom to sign me up for that. And mom, well, she's a polyglot, and I think she wanted both of us to follow her."

"Oh." Skylar got to her knees, placing her arms on the back of the couch and leaning closer to Emily. "What languages does your mom know?"

"All the ones Lorain knows as well as German and Mandarin."

"Wow." Skylar hiked a thumb to the TV, the two woman still arguing about china “So, can you explain to me why those two are fighting so fiercely for those dishes?”

Emily chuckled as she joined Skylar on the couch. Skylar turned around and watched the two woman start to pull each other’s hair, trying to drag each other out of the room. “What those dishes are, is the inheritance from Grandma Ambella. And both Carina and Deza want the inheritance, which isn’t just china by the way. Anyway, the problem is, Carina is actually not Ambella’s biological granddaughter, she was born from an affair, but Carina is the one who stayed by Ambella’s side during her stay in the hospital with influenza. While Deza was off on her grand tour as the newest modal for the famous fashion designer E. E by the way, is Carina’s real biological father, but you don’t learn that until season seven.” Emily took a deep breath, the first one she had since starting her spiel.

Skylar shook their head. “You humans are so dramatic.”

“Telenovelas are known for being over dramatic and unrealistic, but they can be so addicting.” Emily pat Skylar’s shoulder. “Anyway, are you ready to head over to John’s?”

“Yep.” Skylar used the remote to turn the TV off.

“Come on.” Emily grabbed Skylar’s arm and tapped her cane on the ground. The two of them walked side-by-side to John’s house.

Word count: 500

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