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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 130

Skylar was walking with John through the small downtown area. They could smell sugar in the air, and they kept licking their lips. It didn’t take long for them to start babbling about sweets and sugar, and John eventually grabbed their arm and pulled them into a confection shop.

“Let’s feed your sweet tooth.”

Skylar nodded and weaved their way through the small group of people so they could see the display counter. Eyes wide they studied each of the desserts in the brightly lit case. Trays of cookies, slices of cakes, pies, and the treacle tarts which supposedly made this store famous. There was fruity flavors, caramel mixes, and of course, the two dominating flavors, vanilla and chocolate.

“So what do you want?” John asked.

“Everything.” Skylar said after swallowing an excess of saliva.

“You wouldn’t be able to eat everything.”

“Yes I would!” Skylar placed a hand on their stomach.

“Oh right, you have a bottomless pit-”

“Do not. It is an increased metabolism due to-” A flick to their bicep caused Skylar to abruptly snap their mouth shut.

“Here is not the best place to talk about your unique metabolism.” John winked with a big slanted smirk. “It’ll make all the other girls jealous.” Skylar giggled. “So, what do you want to try?”

“Well,” they looked across the display case again, “I don’t know. What’s your favorite John?” Skylar observed the line of people moving closer to the cash register and children pressing their noses and fingers to the glass, parents ushering them a step back.

When they looked back at John his blue eyes weren’t focused on anything at all. With hands back in his pockets, he didn’t react when Skylar waved a hand in front of their face. “John?”

“Sorry.” He flinched and grabbed his elbow. “My favorite is the double chocolate chip cookies. It’s pretty much the only thing I ever get here.”

“Mmmm.” Skylar turned, and not realizing why the children were ushered away from the glass, they leaned in close, their breath fogging it up. An employee was putting fresh cookies on the tray, perfectly circle, with dark brown dough, and slightly shiny parts where the chips had started to melt. “Chocolate is always good.”

“Agreed.” John tugged on Skylar’s arm again, this time towards the line. “Now let’s feed you before you drool all over the glass.”

Skylar rolled their eyes, but didn’t get a chance to reply as they were waved up to the cash register.

The cookie was exactly what Skylar had read about, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, the chocolate all melted and gooey, and nice and warm.

“So, think you can focus now?” Skylar blinked. “On the farmer’s market. They place we were going too before you followed your nose…”

“Oh!” Skylar nodded. “Yeah yeah.” They raised their arm. “To the farmer’s market!”

Word count: 479

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