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Week 21 Recap and Week 22 Preview


I wrote 2,846 words this week! Every post over 400 words for the week, which I’m not sure if I’ve done before. It was nice to have a week where I already knew almost all the words and the one I didn’t know, schlub, I hadn’t forgotten when it came time to write the story.

I enjoyed this week a lot, and most of the shorts I feel are pretty good. Some of them are even clever. I enjoyed finding a way to use brexit without actually getting in any way political.

Reek was fun to use, an excuse and a reminder of all the other foods Skylar should be exposed too before heading home, not just what can be found at an average American grocery store. While I enjoy a lot of cuisine from China and Japan, I did not like the durian flavored candy, but some people I know absolutely love it. Using durian added something to the idea of a stench which was more fun to play with than both John and Skylar finding themselves assaulted with something stinky.

Gunk is such a fun word to say… and I almost forgot it! Whoops. It probably has to do with the fact that the story using gunk was also inspired by a different prompt. The Writer’s Games, the competition which gave me inspiration for Feeding the Universe, just started their pre-event prompts, mock events, in order to prepare their judges and give writer’s a chance at practice last week. So this week the prompt was a story using no dialogue. Not that I can submit the story with Skylar and the word gunk, but it was an interesting practice, since normally I use a lot a dialogue. In fact, for this challenge, I still tend to use the ugly words in dialogue more often than not.

All in all, it was a really fun week.



Let’s take a peek at what next week has in store!

May 30th: nudnik

May 31st: slither

June 1st: treacle

June 2nd: soggy

June 3rd: hollow

June 4th/5th: urchin

Well, well, well. I know the one word I had zero context for before flipping to that day in the calendar: nudnik. Which, my computer wants to change to nudism, and I was surprised to learn the definition has nothing to do with nudism. Go figure.

Treacle, well, the only context I have with that one is with dessert and sweetness, but there is more nuance to the definition, with, in fact, the American definition listed first on not having anything to do with the taste of sweetness. So, there can be some interesting word play with this one if I feel clever on Wednesday.

It looks like this could also be a really fun week to write.

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