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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 125

Skylar held the tablet borrowed from Emily. They typed in a name, which was quickly replaced in the program by a series of numbers for anonymity for the game. Emily, Amber, Kelsey, Lilah and Hannah were using their cellphones, while the main game played on Hannah's laptop.

"Are we playing for the laughs, or does the winner actually win something?" Skylar asked, drumming their fingers on the back of the tablet.

"I like the way you think!" Hannah pointed at them. "Winner gets..." Her lips slanted as she hummed. "Suggestions anyone?"

"Pick of the movie?" Amber spoke first.

"A dollar from each person?" Kelsey quickly added.

"Best position on the couch?" Lilah’s suggestion was quietest of all.

"One pass in truth or dare later." Emily said. "And we can't just repeat the same wuestion or challenge, it is a permanent skip."

"Oooh." Hannah grinned. "I like it Emily. Does everyone agree?" Giggly yeses filled the room. "Then let us begin… Name Game!"

Brie is known for her dramatics. Particularly her dramatic exits. With a swoosh of her head, her braid whips out, usually hitting the door frame with the metal charm on her hair band.

Skylar pursed their lips, pondering the prompt and the rules some more. As the timer ticked down they quickly combined Brie’s name with a word that rolled off the tongue.

The words appeared on the laptop, only associated with a random number. Hannah took the liberty of reading them aloud with a nasally voice.

“We have Dramabrie, Brama, Brima, Briarm, Metrie, and Brexit.” Hannah snorted. “Let the voting begin!”

Not straight up votes, each of them had to assign points based on a couple categories: humor, sense of character and use of the prompt. Despite hoping, Skylar’s submission wasn’t the winner.

“And Dramabrie wins!” Hannah used a deeper voice for this announcement. “Congratulations,” She rolled her tongue and flicked her wrists in an approximation of a drum roll. “Amber!” The name flashed across the screen. “Now, girls,” Hannah clicked out of the game, “Let’s all get cozy in our pj’s, and prepare yourselves for Truth or Dare!”

Skylar escorted Emily to the downstairs bathroom. “Hey,” Skylar whispered. “Since I don’t have a skip, what do I do if something comes up in truth or dare?”

“Well,” Emily shrugged. “Either keep lying,” Skylar sighed. “Or always choose dare.”

“That’ll work.” Skylar pat Emily’s arm and then pushed open the squeaky door. “Get ready.”

Word count: 407

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