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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 117

Skylar joined Emily in the bathroom toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss in hand. The other girls were still giggling in Hannah's room.

Skylar mimicked Emily, applying toothpaste to the brush, putting it under the faucet for a second, and then rubbing the paste across their teeth.

An explosion of mint flavor filled their mouth. They made a sound of appreciation in the back of their throat.

"On allow." Emily waved a hand in front of the mirror while she talked around the toothbrush.

“Ah?” Skylar also spoke with the toothbrush in the back of their mouth.

Emily leaned over the white sink and spat out the foamed up paste. “Don’t swallow. It’s bad for you.”

“Ah.” Skylar nodded. Water splashed into the sink as Emily rinsed her toothbrush and mouth. Then she grabbed the floss, taking a long piece. The white string was quickly wrapped around her fingers. There was a small popping sound as Emily moved the string between her teeth.

Skylar mimicked what Emily did to clean the brush and their mouth. “Why do you clean with string?”

“To prevent cavities and gingivitis.” Emily’s tongue flicked across her teeth, catching a drop of blood oozing between the gums.

“Oh.” Skylar tried to copy what Emily was doing with the floss. “How bad are they?”

“Gingivitis can lead to tooth loss.” Emily shrugged.

The string hurt Skylar’s fingers, and their knuckles jammed into their nose. “Ow.” Emily chuckled.

With a glance at the mostly closed door, Skylar made a decision. Kicking the door shut they tossed the floss with plaque on it and then pressed their tongue against the back of their teeth. Thinning it and dividing it in multiple strands much like a piece of floss. Manipulating those between the teeth collected all the bits off food trapped there. Skylar leaned over the sink, sticking out their strange tongue, and dropping all the plaque into the sink.

“You good?”

“Yeah. But flossing is dangerous. And annoying. I understand why so many commercials remind you humans to floss.”

“Well, enjoy the taste of mouthwash.” Emily poured a little bit in two small paper cups. “Cheers.”

Skylar tapped their paper cup to Emily’s, tipped their mouth back, and swallowed the minty liquid in one gulp. It burned on its way down and Skylar pounded on their chest, coughing. Emily paused with the cup just touching their lips.

“Did you swallow?” She shook her head. “You weren’t supposed to swallow that Skylar!”

“Now you tell me.” Skylar croaked.

“Hey Doppelgangers!” Hannah pounded on the door. “Hurry up, it’s time for the movie marathon!”

“Almost done!” Emily yelled. She poured the liquid into her mouth, swished it, and spit it out.

“Am I going to die?” Skylar whispered. “Or loose my teeth?”

“It’s just a little bit.” Emily waved a hand. “I think you’ll be fine.” She grabbed Skylar’s arm. “Now let’s get out of here before one of them decides to break down the door.”

Word count: 494

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