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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 112

Quirks of life on Earth Lucky found especially interesting. One of Raymundo’s predecessors had especially detailed journals. A naturalist who traveled the world, Jones recorded every species he had ever stumbled across, from the lowly flies and weeds, to majestic bears and whales. His drawings had been done so meticulously, Lucky was sure he counted every hair and bristle on the subjects.

But there was something Lucky couldn't quite wrap her head around. The notes and the drawings didn't do the concept justice, and Lucky was hesitant to believe what she found on the internet; Raymundo said the place was full of lies, spam, and trolls.

(What canned ham and large ugly creatures had to do with lies, Lucky didn't know.)

The second Lucky heard the barn door squeak they were on their feet, weathered journal in hand.

"Raymundo!" They jumped out of Star Surfer and landed in front of him. Holding up the open journal with both hands they bounced on their toes. "I want to see this!"

"What?" Ray put a hand on top of the journal. "Hold still." He muttered as he leaned in to read the faded title at the top of the page. "A bladderwort? I don't-"

"Or a pitcher plant! Or a Venus fly trap! Any carnivorous plant!" Lucky started bouncing again. "Please tell me they are around here somewhere!"

Raymundo sighed. "I might be able to find a Venus fly trap. I'll do some research."

"Do it!" Lucky snapped the book shut. "I can't wait to see how it work


Raymundo bought a Venus fly trap and set it on a little shelf inside Star Surfer. Lucky immediately grabbed a chair and sat in silence facing it.

Raymundo busied himself with other things, looking at the notes and things from his ancestors, and a few from Lucky about the fixes he had made to his ship.

"It really did it!" Lucky's footsteps echoed in the ship as they ran to the command center. Ray looked up, finding Lucky, naked, and dripping a viscous liquid. "The leaves snapped shut, and then this liquid squirted out and I had to produce a counter measure to the acid!"

At first Raymundo could only blink. Then he took a deep breath. "Did you transform into a fly and land on the Venus fly trap?"

"Yes!" Lucky clapped their hands, splashing some of the liquid on the nearby walls. Raymundo sighed. "Well, there wasn't any nearby flies... Did you expect me to wait forever?"

"I guess not." Raymundo looked down. "Go get cleaned up."

As Raymundo was leaving, he saw the Venus fly trap, or what remained of it. One of the leaves had been ripped open, and it had fallen to the ground, pot broken.

"Are you going to-"

"I'll clean it!" Lucky yelled from the bathroom.

"See you tomorrow!" He took one last look st the plant. "Sorry." Mumbled to the plant as he stepped out of Star Surfer.

Word count: 494

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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