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Week 18 Recap and Week 19 Preview

Updated: May 8, 2022


I wrote 2,698 words this week!

Well, this has certainly been a long week. I’m not sure any of the pieces were particular stand outs in my mind. Well, except for scalp, that one took an interesting turn. Not sure where it would fit in the larger story, it might not end up in at all in the end. But I think it was the most interesting one I wrote this week.

I feel like the creators of the calendar put Uranus on May 4th on purpose. I had a chuckle at that one. Also, I had to fight the urge to throw wart and toad in the same story, since they normally fit so well together.

It was a long week, but I made it through. Can’t wait to see what words I have for next week!



And next week’s words are…

May 9th: protrude

May 10th: aitchbone

May 11th: bladderwort

May 12th: catawampus

May 13th: defenestrate

May 14th/15th: epiglottis

Oh my. This week has a lot of words I didn’t know. Three new words this week! Aitchbone, bladderwort, and catawampus, words which my spell check wants to change. They’ll be interesting to work with I think.

I know defenestrate, since a friend in college was keeping an eye on’s word of the day, and when it came up she thought it was great and shared it with a bunch of us. And how could I forget the epiglottis! The part of the body my lab group in high school cut while dissecting the pig and then couldn’t find it. Good times, and I can’t wait to use it on Saturday!


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