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Week 37 Recap and Week 38 Preview


I wrote 2,315 words this week. What a week. It’s been an interesting set of words that’s for sure. And it was another week of hard hitting procrastination.

Custard was hard, same with udder. I’m not sure if it was purely due to procrastination or just because those words are just… strange words for the plot of this universe. Spit was just fun to write, because using the strange phenomenon of human spit flying unintentionally. It was interesting to tie together ugly and asinine so closely, though I think if I had buckled down a bit more I could have done asinine’s story a little better. Buccula was also a weird one, never though I’d have to pay much attention to the fat underneath the human chin. Udder was the worst. Like, what was I supposed to do with it? I’m not even sure I ended it very well, but I did enjoy the irony of Lucky agreeing it is best to avoid a parent’s wrath.

All in all, it was a strange week, and I hope next week’s words more easily lend themselves to the plot or character development.



Let’s see what this week has in store for me.

September 19th: loogie

September 20th: slug

September 21st: vermin

September 22nd: pulchritude

September 23rd: congeal

September 24th/25th: nashgab

Wow. My spell check wants to correct loogie and nashgab, which is kind of funny. Or at least it is funny for loogie, because I at least have used the word before. While nashgab, and pulchritude are two words I have never heard before. It’ll certainly be an interesting week with these words.

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