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Ugly Words Challenge: Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Preview

Recap- Week 3

What a crazy week. I had to write a contest entry too, but managed both projects well enough I think. For the blog I wrote 2,702 words! Goop and pungent were surprisingly hard to brainstorm, but I use those words a lot. The two words have fairly broad definitions, so there were many, many scenarios I could have used them in. Astroturf and goop were fun, throwing in some of the background world building for Skylar and their home planet.

Milquetoast and crepuscular are interesting words. They don’t betray any real hints to their definitions just looking at them.

Crepuscular is actually a word that describes twilight, the time of day, where the sky can look really beautiful with different colors showing up on the horizon when the sun goes down. Personally, since I like pink, seeing pink in the sky at twilight and dawn is quite delightful. Such a weird sounding word, and one the editors of the calendar says is ugly partially for the word ‘pus’ right in the center, yet it describes something which can be beautiful.

Milquetoast is another strange one. The calendar starts off, making you think the word defines a chunky liquid which was once milk and bread, something gross. And then it pulls the rug out and says it is a word that is defined as a person meek and submissive. Certainly not what I expected.

It was an interesting week, and I learned a couple new words.

Week three over and out!


Preview- Week 4

The calendar probably is hiding a few other words I don’t know, so let’s take a look and see if there are any new ones for next week!

January 24th: cack

January 25th: ort

January 26th: porta potty

January 27th: bulge

January 28th: fecal

January 29th/30th: idiot

Well, this week is full of ‘bathroom’ words! Hilarious, though, why did so many words related to, or meaning poop, end up in one week? A mystery but certainly an interesting coincidence!

And I already used porta potty. (And spelled it wrong, or maybe port-a-potty is a brand name that I just used?) Either way, guess I get to delve into the outdoor concert a little more!

This is going to be a gross week, that’s for sure. And FOS if you know what that means.

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