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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 68

Hannah sprawled across the couch. A large bag of chips sat on the floor next to her hand, while Bear lounged across her feet. The foil crinkled as her hand went into the bag, but she got to the bottom and realized it was empty.

The doorbell rang. She just lay there, even when Bear jumped off the couch and ran to the door. His yipping was loud and unyielding. It rang again.

Hannah went straight to the door, peering through the small window. There stood Amber, in shorts, gym shoes, a tank top, a duffle bag on one shoulder, and her hair in a neat ponytail. Hannah sighed before opening the door just a crack.

"What do you want Amber?" The other girl smiled and pushed the door open. Hannah tried to grab the other girl's arm, but Amber twirled out of the way.

"I haven't seen you running recently." Amber hiked her duffle bag back onto her shoulder. Hannah rolled her eyes.

"I’ve been running!" Hannah bit her cheek.

"Before John broke up with you." Amber placed her hands on her hips. "Well girl, it is time for a lesson in adulting-"

"You only turned 18 last week-"

"Hannah." Amber waved a hand. "It's not how long you've been an adult that matters. Just how good you are at it. Now, today's lesson is, not letting break ups break you."

"Wise words." Hannah grumbled.

"So, join me at the gym today. Otherwise you won't be in shape for Nationals."

"I’ll be fine."

"I betcha I can beat ya." Amber nodded to the door.

"Can not." Hannah stood up straighter.

"Come to the gym and prove it." Hannah pressed her lips together. "Or are you chicken?"

"I'm not chicken." Hannah waved her hand and stepped towards the door. "I'll beat you so bad you won't even be able to look your teammates in the eye Miss Cheer Captain." Amber grabbed Hannah's arm.

"Might want to at least look like an athlete, rather than a couch potato." Amber smirked. "Since you'll be wheezing like one."

"Give me five minutes to change."

"Loser buys the smoothies!"

"Then your wallet better be in your duffle bag!" Hannah's voice was slightly muffled by her bedroom door. Amber smiled to herself and texted the rest of their usual group.

She's still got her competitive side. I think she'll be fine.

"Don't waste time texting." Hannah jumped down the last couple stairs and grabbed her gym shoes. "I've got a race to win."

"In your dreams." Amber pulled out her keys and unlocked her car. "Let's go potato."

"That is not my new nickname."

"It is if you loose." Hannah rolled her eyes but she had her old bounce in her step when she followed Amber out the door.

Word count: 496

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