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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 297

Skylar and Leama picked through the supplies they had brought back. Boxes and crates of vegetables and fruits were stacked on every available bit of floor. With narrow walkways Leama hadn't even activated any of the ships walls since the towers of produce were just fine as barriers.

The broth and juices they had made was gone, and the Qwortarians were ready for more solid foods.

"A head of cabbage will last each person a couple days if they follow instructions and don't gorge themselves." Leama held up two of the pale green vegetables.

"Yeah," Skylar agreed.

"You say yes," Leama leaned their eye stalk closer to their child. "But your beak twists in disagreement."

"Not disagreement." Skylar protested. Leama's eye came in closer, pupil narrowed. "Maybe hesitation." They admitted.

"Why? We have lots, enough to share with the survivors."

"It... I'm not sure everyone will like the taste." Skylar spoke slowly.

Leama rolled their eye and chirped in protest. "They shouldn't worry too much about the taste, not while we are still rebuilding our food infrastructure."

"True..." Skylar said. "But..." They swallowed before they continued. "Wouldn't it be better to put a tastier Earth food up first?"

"The vegetable broth and juices were tasty." Leama pointed out. "Besides, these are pretty high in water content and we still have plenty of salt." Skylar nodded their beak. Leama stared at Skylar for a couple seconds before sighing. "What would you suggest instead?"

"Well, instead of plain cabbage, the humans would turn it into a tasty, crunchy, slaw."

"What else is in a slaw?" Leama asked.

"Shredded carrots," Skylar pointed to the stacked boxes of carrots just to the right of the ship's control room, "and a sauce, usually mayonnaise." Skylar twirled their tentacle, starting to describe the crunchy, tangy side they had the pleasure of trying when Leama cleared their throat.

"Mayonnaise is...?"

"Made from oil and eggs... Oh." Skylar sighed. "We probably don't have eggs in stock."

"Correct." Leama gently rolled the cabbages between their tentacles, the leaves quietly rustling as they did.

"I guess we can still make cabbage soup." Skylar lowered their tentacle. "Basically like how we made the vegetable broth, but with just cabbage, and we leave the leaves in. And add salt."

"Do you think it tastes better than the raw leaves?"

"Yeah..." Skylar crossed a few of their tentacles and looked down. "But not as good as slaw."

Leama sighed. "Another time. For now, start filling some pots while I tear cabbage leaves."

Skylar slowly made their way to the ship's kitchen, without another protest."

Word count: 431

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