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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 260

It was a cold, cloudy day, the perfect day for a nap. Well, apparently according to Leama’s observation, anytime was a good time for a cat to take a nap. Except for eating. But Leama’s belly was full, they had just finished cleaning their fur, and the alley was quiet.

While Leama tried to pay attention to the various humans around them as they went about doing their cat things, hunting, defending their territory, and napping, it seemed no one in particular paid any attention to them. Which was good.

Curled up under the dumpster Leama was ready for their nap. Tucking their paws in and their tail around their body, they got comfy on a small dirty red rag. Eyes closed and breathing slow, they were ready for a nice uninterrupted sleep just like all their others.

Instead Leama got an ictic awakening, a dog snout sniffing their whiskers right up their dog snout. Followed by loud barking and a paw invading their space. Leama hissed and took a swipe at the rude canine, but soon they weren’t facing a dog, but rather a human reaching under and scooping them up despite their hissing protest.

Which didn’t last long, because as Leama took in another breath to hiss, they caught a very specific scent. A faint scent, but the very scent they had been looking for. The whiff of a Qwortarian. When Leama stopped fighting this human, they seemed happy, but the dog was still very upset.

Leama didn’t care, curling up in the young man’s arms and doing that thing of vibrating from the inside out, because for whatever reason humans really liked it when cats purred. This human fit the pattern and they took Leama with them, hopefully to whoever it was that smelled like a Qwortarian.

Word count: 300

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.


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