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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 22

"I'll be fine." Emily gave John's shoulder a push. "Hannah should be back any minute." John got up from his lawn chair and nodded to Skylar.

"Let's go." Skylar was up instantly, still squirming.

Emily leaned back in her chair, palms on the armrests, feeling the vibrations from the music. Her heart was going to the beat of the drum. It was picking up, and the guitar was slowing down. Next was Emily's favorite part: the drum solo. She wished she could still see the flurry of the sticks, the almost crazed look in the drummer’s eyes as their arms became a blur. Hearing it was still awesome, but not quite the same.

"Emily!" Hannah shouted. The girl jumped and nearly knocked her chair sideways. There really was no way to hear people approaching at a concert. "Oh my gosh I'm-"

"What!" Emily straightened herself in her seat, shouting back towards where Hannah's voice was coming from.

"I'm sorry!"

"Before that!"


"Before that!"

"Oh! Where's John?" Emily should have guessed. "And Skylar!"

"Porta potty!"

"I thought John went at the restaurant!"

"He took Skylar!"

"Why didn't you-" Hannah coughed, the trajectory of her voice changing. "Never mind!"

Emily raised an eyebrow, not sure if Hannah was looking at her or sulking.

"You don't have to worry about Skylar!" Emily chose to risk loosing her voice in attempts to comfort Hannah.

"I don't-"

"John's not flirting with Skylar! And Skylar's not flirting with John!"

"What about you!"

Emily snorted. "I'm not either." She made an X over her chest. "Cross my heart I'm not trying to steal John away or anything like that!" The music hit a crescendo, tempo rapidly building as the drummer reached the end of the solo.

Emily didn't get a response until the last crash of a cymbal in the solo. The music started to decrescendo as the vocals came back in.

"Emily." The hand that touched her arm was unfamiliar, but she figured it was Hannah so she didn't pull away. "Thanks." Emily tapped the other girl's fingers.

"You're welcome." Emily grinned. "Wanna jump up and down with me for this last chorus?"

Hannah giggled. "Sure."

Holding each other's arms they jumped up and down in front of their chairs, scream singing along to the song.

Word count: 381

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