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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 216

Skylar dug their toes into the sand. The breeze carried the salty and fishy scent of the ocean. Swimsuits were weird, stretchy material yet skin tight. The frothy water raced over the sand finding Skylar’s toes partially in the sand. There wasn’t a lot of water, but it felt cooler than Skylar expected.

“I know it’s not endless, but it certainly feels that way.” Skylar said as John sprayed on sunscreen nearby.

“Right?” He shook the bottle, the sloshing of the liquid inside barely able to be heard over the whoosh of the incoming waves. “Hold out your arms, let me spray your back.” Skylar did as instructed, the sunscreen feeling even cooler than the water. “Now a perfect day at the beach always includes-”

“A porpoise!”

“What?” John pushed one of Skylar’s arms down so he could scan the ocean for the sea creatures.

“Ha!” Skylar giggled. “Made you look!” John rolled his eyes. “And it was a pun. You know, porpoise, purpose-”

“I knew getting you that book of kids jokes was going to haunt me.” John muttered. Skylar grinned back at him as they rubbed in the sunscreen.

“But anyway, what were you going to say? About the perfect day at the beach.”

“I was going to say the perfect beach day includes ice cream. After swimming, because of the whole cramping possibility.”

“You do always think about food.” Skylar grinned. “At least it’s better than a lecture about the safety hazards of the beach.” Skylar took a few big steps towards the ocean, the incoming water sloshing around their ankles.

“Well now, wait.” John tossed the sunscreen into his beach bag before catching up to Skylar and grabbed their arm. “We’ve discussed the no eating and swimming rule. Did I tell you what to do if you get caught in a riptide?” Skylar nodded. “Spot a shark?” Another nod. “Get hit by a huge wave?”

“Yes!” Sylar shouted, yanking John into the water with them. “You gave me the whole lecture in the car. Now let’s swim before the sun sets, and it’s too dangerous for you. Especially if we want ice cream while it’s still warm out.”

The two of them had a really great beach day, finished off with eating ice cream and watching the sun set over the ocean.

Word count: 386

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