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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 179

"So," Becky pulled on a piece of pizza, the cheese and other toppings being pulled off adjacent slices. "You owe me an explanation."

Raymundo began breaking the cheese with his fingers, poking things back into place. It was always a sloppy looking pizza, but it was wisely acknowledged to be the best in town.

"It's a long story." Raymundo grabbed his own slice, plopping the pizza on his plate before dealing with the stretched cheese.

"We've got time." Becky reached for the red pepper flakes. "What were you doing and why did you come back as a squirrel?"

"Well, it started with Lucky. They-"

"You tried to find our missing cat!" Becky squealed. Hugging the spice jar to her chest, already upside down.


"That is so sweet! I've never-" Becky bounced on her heels, jostling the jar and shaking out some of the contents.

"Lucky's not a cat!" Becky froze. He gulped, drumming his fingers on the table for a moment. "Lucky actually came from their home planet to find their child."

"Wait, there's more of you?" Becky glanced down shaking her head when she saw the pile of pepper flakes on her pizza.

"We always knew there were more... Somewhere." Raymundo held out his plate and nodded to the flakes piled high on hers.

"I meant," Becky picked up her pizza and started brushing excess flakes into his pizza. "On Earth, there's more?" She tilted her head.

"Temporarily. Two." He shrugged. "They are well on their way back home... Or maybe there already... I'm not sure how fast their warp drives are."

"How do you know there aren't more?" Becky set her plate back down and folded her hands under her chin. "Maybe the conspiracy theory is more right than anyone realizes. You are a shape shifter so who's to say more of them aren't infiltrating our government?"

"Unlikely. But I guess you might be right."

"We should investigate!"

"Wha?" Ray said around a mouthful of pizza.

"You should start a career in politics and go digging to see if there are more shapeshifting aliens!" Becky started giggling.

"I'm going to pass on that." Ray took another bite.

“What are you a coward.” Becky put down her pizza and put her hands under her armpits.

“I am-” Becky started imitating a chicken, complete with bobbing her face towards her pizza. “Real mature-” She sneezed, sending more of the red pepper flakes everywhere. “Serves you right.” He chuckled.

“Yeah yeah.” She rubbed her nose and turned towards the fridge, grabbing the tissue box perched up there. “Well you are the one without a spine.”

“Probably wouldn’t once the government started dissecting me.” Becky froze with the tissue in front of her nose, staring wide eyed at him. “Which, you know, isn’t going to happen. Especially if I keep a low profile.”

“Right.” She mumbled and focused on the meal.

Raymundo decided to save the story of almost falling to his death as a squirrel to himself for now.

Word count: 499

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