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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 176

"Great!" Lucky clapped their hands. "Now that we've gotten the 3D printer apart, we can figure out..." Ray tapped their shoulders and pointed to a few pieces which were clearly misshapen or completely broken. "Well, there's the problem. So now what," Lucky gasped and then grabbed Ray's wrist. "You're bleeding!"

He had to twist his hand to see the cut, long and thin, with a smear of dried blood across his hand.

"No, it's done bleeding." Ray said. Lucky rolled their eyes and pushed him towards the med bay. "I don't need the med bay-"

"You're the one who's so worried about getting found out." Lucky grumbled. With a shove Ray stumbled into the chair and held his hand under the scanner.

"It's not big enough to worry about needing a blood transfusion." Ray protested. The laser scanned, then his hand was cleaned and the cut sanitized.

The warning appeared on the screen again: Blood Bank Malfunction! Lucky dismissed it with a scowl.

"Maybe you should worry about fixing that so you can store some of your blood in case of an emergency before fixing the 3D printer."

"That's medical equipment. Which is carefully monitored." Raymundo held his hands out. "Trying to get a hold of a new new fridge, syringes, and bags, and who knows what else will be suspicious, not to mention ridiculously expensive and possibly dangerous to get in the black market."

"But your body reacting with human blood will only be more suspicious!”

“If I get the printer running, I can print the pieces I need to fix the blood storage fridge and the other stuff.” Raymundo flung his arms to the side. Lucky opened their mouth, and then blinked a few times.

“You have a point.” They finally said.

“Thank you.” Ray sighed. “Now I have to see if replacement 3D printer parts are even feasible in my budget.”

“Well, until then-”

“I know.” Ray rolled his eyes. “Don’t get seriously injured.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I made it this far without needing serious medical attention.” He rapped his knuckles on the chair. “Knock on this wood look alike I won’t be needing any.”

“You’re doing that thing…” Lucky snapped their fingers. “To avoid jinxing yourself!” Raymundo chuckled nervously while he nodded. “Then I will go knock on the wood paneling of the barn!” Lucky ran for exit and in the middle of his ship Ray could just hear them knocking on wood.

Word count: 411

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