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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 170

Leama took their seat on the edge of the room. They tucked their tentacles in so others could pass them finding their seats.

Up on stage, a jiggly cube sat on top of of the podium, eye rotating to watch the Qwortarians fill the seats.

“Come, come,” the beak protruded from the top, near the hanging microphone. “Everyone find your seats, so we can get the caucus on the road.” This nudged the lingering ones to their seats.

“All right, now we can begin.” A wave of a tentacle turned the lights off, and brought up the stats of the three leading candidates for the Bracken Party.

Frush, diligent community leader, years of giving back, helping make sure hungry Qwortarian children were fed during the famine.

Hice, the brilliant picker of scientists to earn lab space and grants, in their own way pushing technological and scientific advances forward.

Leama, devoted general, defender of the planet, successful extra terrestrial rescue and collection mission, bringing back an answer to the famine.

“All right everyone,” the cube, waved their tentacle again and the voting booths came up from the floor along the back wall. “You know how this works. Place your votes, or be content in the voices of your Bracken peers. Candidates, you may come up to the stage.”

Leama made their way up to the stage, perching on one of the stools. They glanced at their competition before setting their gaze to the lines forming in front of the booths.

Could they imagine actually running for a position with even more power? More responsibility?

The chance to change what they knew was wrong?

Leama puffed out a little, showing confidence and desire for the nomination.

Word count: 284

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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