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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 134

Skylar perched on the edge of the couch bowl of popcorn untouched as a discussion over movies was happening. "Let's watch this one." Hannah held up a movie case, but Skylar didn't have a chance to read the title as she tilted it more towards the other teens.

"But that's rated R." Lilah pursed their lips. "And I'm only 17." Skylar rested their fingertips in the bowl of popcorn, it was still warm, the oil and salt quickly coated them.

"For like two more weeks." Hannah rolled her eyes. There were a couple snorts and the sounds of hands covering faces.

"But I don't want to get in trouble." Lilah’s whisper got higher in pitch.

"I think it mostly applies to movie theaters." Emily added.

"But-" Lilah whined.

"No one here is going to rat you out." Hannah interrupted.

"But-" Lilah tried again.

"Don't be such a pube Lilah!" Kelsey yelled. Hannah, Amber, and Emily burst out laughing. Kelsey blinked while Lilah turned bright red. "Oh my god!" She covered her mouth. "I meant prude! Don't be such a prude!"

Lilah joined in the laughter now, while Skylar was blinking rapidly, trying to find the reference that made this accidental word substitution so funny.

"You," Hannah took a breath to calm her giggling, "just can't wait to see the naked people!"

"Hannah!" Now Kelsey's face was turning bright red. Hannah was using the movie case to fan herself.

“Oh!” With the addition of naked as a clue, everything finally clicked. Skylar joined in the laughter as the other girls begged Hannah to just put on the movie already. “I get it now!”

There were a few more chuckles at Skylar as Hannah finally put the movie on. “Now shush!” Hannah whispered. “We’ve gotta see the pubes!” It sent the whole group giggling through the previews.

Word count: 305

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