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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 2

Skylar sat behind John in his van, face pressed against the window watching Earth blur by. The green of the forest quickly gave way to the metallic shine of other cars on the busier roads.

"What's that?" Skylar said, repeatedly. They usually had to clarify since John explained he had to keep his eyes on the road. So the question was followed by, "The sign with the pictures."

John's answers all started the same, "Uh, the green one with little pictures is a sign telling me what gas stations are coming up.”

Emily noticed it first, a slight change to Skylar's voice. It was a familiar shift, but also puzzling. A rasp to the alien's voice which she was used to connecting with illness.

"Are you feeling okay Skylar?" Emily interrupted John explaining a water tower.

"Uh," Skylar cleared their throat, "My throat and tongue are dry."

"Oh," John reached down and pulled a water bottle out of the cup holder. "Drink this." The plastic crunched loudly as Skylar grabbed it.

"Not that!" Emily swatted at the crinkling, knocking the bottle to the floor. "It's probably just your backwash John!" Skylar put their foot on the bottle to keep it from rolling under their seat.

"Well yours is empty." John protested. "And the rest of the water is in the back. They can drink the little bit and we'll be at Whole Foods in less than twenty minutes. They'll be fine.”

“But that's hardly enough to quench Skylar's throat.” Emily pointed to Skylar. “Right?”

“I do believe I need more than the 200mL or so left.” Skylar picked up the water bottle and shook it.

Emily reached over and tapped John's arm. “Pull over and get more water.”

“Not here.”

“Why not?” Emily whined.

“Because it'll be hard to get back into traffic. That's if someone doesn't hit us, or me, while trying.”

“Don't be so cynical.” Emily sighed.

“Still no.” John repeated.

“Fine.” Emily twisted in her seat, smirking at Skylar, showing off her own dimples. “I'll just climb into the back and get it myself.”

“Don't you dare Emily.” John blurted. “I'll pull over, give me a second to find an opening.” Emily flashed Skylar a thumbs up before turning back around in her seat. Skylar's body jostled when John pulled over. He sighed before clicking his seatbelt. He slipped out his door quickly, slamming it shut.

“Lesson one about John.” Emily didn't turn around as she spoke. “If he complains about something being dangerous, you can still convince him to do it, by threatening to do something just as, if not more dangerous.”

The back door opened, the sounds of the cars more clear once more. It shut not long after, and it wasn't long before John slipped back into the van, tossing several water bottles onto the seat next to Skylar.

“And we're off again.” John put the car back into drive.

Word count: 497

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