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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 95

“Off we go I guess.” DJ scratched Bozo behind the ear before shifting the car into gear. The dog to let out a long, high pitched whine and start trembling. “I’m sorry. We have to get your eye checked out buddy.” Bozo let out a small yip.

DJ didn’t have enough room in his memory to act as a vet to Bozo. Though he feared he knew what was happening anyway. He glanced over at Bozo while waiting at a red light. Another soft whine and a slow whoosh of the tail. But his gaze was locked on the suspected cataract.

DJ’s phone started ringing. He smiled a little and swiped to answer. “Hey-”

“I need you to do me a favor.”

“Uh, okay Ray.” DJ rolled his eyes as the light turned green. “What?” He pressed on the gas.

“I need you to go to Star Surfer.”

“Okay.” DJ frowned as the next light turned yellow. “Why?”

“Long story short, I need you to use my ship to get the coordinates of another Qwortarian ship.” DJ had to slam on the brakes when the car in front of him almost came to a standstill, despite the light still being yellow. “We could have made it!” DJ yelled while Bozo huffed.

“What are you doing right now?”

“Driving Bozo to the vet.” DJ drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.

A quiet but familiar voice popped into the background. “Isn’t Bozo the dog that ate part of your finger?”

“Is that-”

“I need you to go to Star Surfer now.” Raymundo blurted.

“Becky?” DJ finished. “Like now?”

“Yes. I mean no.” Raymundo sighed. “Yes, now. No, you didn’t hear Becky.”

“Then who are you with?”

“Lucky. And Skylar. Qwortarians who need the coordinates of their ship.”

“They forgot where they parked?”

“Their ship is in orbit. So you need to track it, so they can get transported on.”

“Like, beam me up Scotty?”


“And it can’t wait until-”

“DJ, so help me, no it can’t wait. We are on the run from government agents and they need their coordinates to get on their ship. Don’t make me beg my sick girlfriend.”

“Okay okay.” DJ turned on his turn signal. “I’ll go. Your ship isn’t going to try to kill me or Bozo right?”

“You’re on the safe list. Not sure about Bozo.”

“All right.” DJ sighed. “I’ll leave him in the car.”

“Now, I’m going to text you from a burner phone, send me the coordinates to that number.”

“Wait, how do I-” DJ’s phone beeped. “I’ll figure it out.” He grumbled.

Bozo’s tail thumped against the car door. “Good news, we aren’t going to the vet. Bad news, I’m going to have to leave you in the car.” Bozo put his head on his front paws, eyes closing. “Yeah, take a nap buddy.”

Leave the barn door open. Just ask the computer to locate nearby Qwortarian ships. Thanks!

“Text Raymundo. You owe me. Big time.”

Word count: 497

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