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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 84

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Hannah sat on her bed in her pajamas. One leg stretched out she ran her fingers lightly over the scabs that had formed along her scrape from track. It was all tiny, dark red bumps, flakes of drier skin clinging to the edges. And it was so itchy. She tried to ignore the feeling.

Bear jogged into her room, the tags on his collar announcing his presence. "Morning Bear!" Hannah reached over the edge of the bed. The small dog yipped while she wrapped her hands around Bear's long torso.

With an exaggerated groan she pulled the dog up into her lap. Bear snuffled her arm, and then followed his nose down to her injured leg.

A long pink tongue dragged across the scab. "Ah!" Hannah's leg jerked from the mixture of ticklish and saying of pain from the luck.

"No Bear. Hannah pulled the dog away from her leg, before tucking it underneath her. "No licking."

Hannah’s cell phone started so she grabbed it and checked the ID. “Hey Amber.” She answered.

“Hey Hannah. How’s your leg?”

She tucked the phone between her ear and shoulder so she had both hands to pet Bear. “It stings a little now since somebody licked it.”

“Ew John.”

“Not John!” Hannah jerked her head up, nearly loosing the phone. “Bear licked it!” Amber cackled. “Oh ha. Very funny.” Hannah rolled Bear onto his back and ran her fingers up and down his ribs. “So, why’d you call?”

“You know the park is still closed right?”


“And your dad could…”

“Amber.” Hannah sighed. “He wouldn’t-”

“Can’t blame a girl for trying right?”

“Maybe a little.” Hannah chuckled.

“Well shoot.” Amber snapped her fingers. “But anyway, since the park is off the table, we need to make new plans for this overnight bonding thing.”

“Right. You still have the research notes from our original planning sessions?”

“Of course I do! My house?”

“See you in an hour?”

“Sounds good!

“Can I bring Bear?”

“You mean my emotional support best friend? I’d send you back home if you came without him.”

“All right.” Hannah chuckled. “All right. Later Amber.” Hannah let Amber cut the connection, as she scooped up Bear and planted a kiss to the top of his muzzle. “Hear that Bear? We’re going to take a walk,” Bear wiggled out of her arms and jumped to the ground with an excited bark. “To Amber’s house.” Hannah finished with a chuckle.

Looking back up at Hannah and seeing her still sitting in bed Bear barked again.

“I’m coming I’m coming.” Hannah swung her legs over the bed. Bear tilted his head up, tongue coming out of his mouth. “No Bear.” Bear closed his mouth and whimpered. “Don’t complain, we’re going for a walk.”

The little dachshund immediately ran out of the room, his collar tags ringing the whole way.

Word count: 476

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