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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 63

Emily sat on a bench outside the mall movie theater. She rolled her cane across her thighs, listening to the sounds of cars, doors, and people. Engines came and went, doors slammed, jovial, laughing people passed by.

Emily sighed and reached for her phone. "Hey Siri, what time is it?"

"It is 3:45 pm." 15 minutes late, John's average. Well, it was when his mom drove him. Any car now could bring him.

There was a scuff sound on the concrete near her and she tilted her head towards it.

"Well hello there." It was a deep voice that spoke to her, from high enough above her head she assumed he was standing. "What's a pretty thing like you doing out here all alone?" Something about the way his voice lowered, made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

"Waiting for someone." She gripped her cane tightly.

"If they don't hurry you'll miss your movie."

"There's always the next one."

"Still," the guy sat down next to her, "you shouldn't be left all alone."

"I'm perfectly fine on my own." Emily was surprised at how normal she sounded despite speaking through clenched teeth.

"I'm Ken. You?"

"Look." Emily flicked her wrist, extending her cane. "If you think it will be easy to sweet talk me into a date because I'm blind and can't judge you based on you looks than I suggest leaving. Now."

"You're so funny. A pretty little double threat you are."

"I may not be able to judge your looks, but let me tell this smarmy thing you've got, isn't going to work."

"Well now, I love a girl playing hard to-"

"Go away or I will hit you with my cane and call the police."

"Let's not be hasty-"

"Leave by the time I get to three."

"Hey now at least-"


"You wouldn't dare."

"Two." She swished her cane.

"You are one crazy little-"

"Three." Emily twisted her wrist towards the man. His shoes scuffed again as he scrambled out of reach.

"No wonder your date stood you up!" He shouted from the parking lot. Emily was paying more attention to the sound of a car pulling up.

"I never said he was my date!" She shouted back.

"Yeah yeah, bye mom." Emily smiled when she heard John. "Alright alright I'll tell her."

Emily straightened her shirt as she stood. "Hey John."

"Hey Emily. Mom says you should stop threatening people with your cane."

"Well, maybe if the idiots of the world stopped hitting on me after I was clearly not interested I wouldn't have too." John slipped his arm through hers. "Hey John, was he ugly?"

John snorted before he answered. "Yeah. Uglier than the last guy." Emiky chuckled.

"Hope he learned something then. It would be such a pity if he were ugly and dumb."


John and Emily took their seats just as the movie previews ended.

Word count: 488

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