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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 4

Raymundo was marching through the thicket of his late father's secret land, fighting off branches and bramble to inspect the only building in the entire property: an old barn. He hoped his father was hiding some actual riches, so he could pay off his school loans, or at most, storing things that would be easy to get rid of.

Raymundo knew the barn was old, but it didn't look it. The red and white paint was flawless, it even had a shine to it as the sun beat down on it. The roof was in perfect condition and the glass window in the loft was intact. The weirdest thing was the long thick chain locked by a padlock larger than a man's fist on the doors.

He wasn't sure if that was a good sign, or terrible. Raymundo approached anyway, pulling the lanyard he inherited out of his jacket's inner pocket. The key and the fob jingled together. Using the key it wasn't long before Raymundo was moving the heavy chain out of the way and pushing the doors open.

Lights came on automatically. There was absolutely nothing inside.

"Great investment dad." Raymundo grumbled as he walked farther into the barn. Dust started rising with each step. "Is this worth the debt you've left behind!" He stomped, a big poof of dust shooting straight at his face. His first sneeze sent even more dust flying. It only made him sneeze more.

He flailed his arms in a futile attempt to keep the dust away from his nose, only to feel his elbow bang against something with a clang. “Ow!” Raymundo held still as he held his breath, counting to thirty to let the pain subside.

Looking behind him, he saw nothing. He slowly reached one hand towards where he felt his elbow crack, his two senses at war.

He felt something cool and smooth against his fingertips. Raymundo pressed both hands against the hard surface. The lanyard clinked against it as he leaned forward, and he reached for the fob.

He pressed the unlock button. A series of clicks filled the air, followed by a low hissing sound. All at once the space was occupied by a large black horizontally pointed cylinder. The hatch was open and Raymundo carefully hoisted himself inside the opening a couple feet off the ground.

The taste of dust was thick in his open mouth. Of course there was dust inside too, but there was also stacks of gold bars. He clapped his hands together. “I'm rich!”

Word count: 422

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