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Ugly Words Challenge Day 3

Skylar followed Emily and John to the produce section. At first they stuck close, ogling at the various fruits and vegetables displayed. Then a sugary, yeasty smell drifted and caught Skylar's attention. Not far from the produce section was the bakery. Skylar stood in front of a triple layer chocolate cake on display as moisture built up under their tongue and their stomach growled.

Skylar didn't see John and Emily in the produce section anymore. They tilted their head, closed their eyes, and accessed the memory of their translator, embedded near the bottom of their throat. They played it at the lowest setting, only heard by them.

"While we are here we should stop by aisle seven." Emily had said. "We need diet pop." Skylar set off to find aisle seven.

Counting each walkway between shelves Skylar stepped into an aisle, but instead of finding John and Emily, they found a young man grumbling to himself.

"Excuse me." Emily approached and raised their hand in greeting. "Do you know where aisle seven is?"

The man looked over, a scowl twisting his thin face. “Are you a chump?" He tilted his head. "Or a drunk?"

"I am neither a chump, nor am I drunk!" Skylar protested before the beaded man could respond.

"Oh. Talking fancy now are ye?" He smirked and Skylar felt their stomach drop.

"I gotta go." Skylar started stepping back quickly, but then their feet got tangled and their butt hit the ground.

"Course you do." The bearded man held out a hand. "Let me help you."

"No thanks." Skylar was almost on their knees when a large hand grabbed their bicep. "Let go!" They yanked their arm, but it was ineffective. The man was able to tug them to their feet.

"That's no way to treat a good Samaritan." The man clicked his tongue. Skylar shut their eyes for a moment, realizing their body wasn't quite prepped. They pressed their lips together, swallowing twice quickly to activate their device to hijack their new body.

Extra adrenaline flooded their system, every muscle prepped for what Skylar wanted to do. They opened their eyes, narrowing them at the man who was still tugging at their arm. This time, every muscle fiber fired when they tugged, and out came their arm so fast they almost toppled back over.

The man reached for them again. “Go away.” Skylar growled. When the man continued to advance, Skylar used both hands, to push at the man's chest, sending them flying backwards several feet.


“John!” Skylar turned and ran to John who was standing at the beginning of the aisle. “Can we get cake?”

John's gaze was past Skylar for a moment, watching the man grumble and stalk away. “How did you do that?”

“My device activated the innate ability to be stronger than what one appears. Like when mother's lift cars.”

“I'll bake a cake later. Let's go.”

Word count: 490

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