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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 220

Skylar sat on the toilet in the second to last stall quietly. Just like they were told to do when they had to do their business. Being a rainy afternoon, the mall was busy, so they weren't surprised when the main door squeaked open again.

"You saw her right?"

"Yeah. Just standing there, holding onto his arm as usual."

Skylar didn't recognize the voices, but they had a guess who they were talking about. The stream of water didn't completely cover the voices, but Skylar leaned forward anyway as the two girls continued talking to each other.

"Talk about clingy." The first girl laughed. "Like, she called Myra clingy during the what, two weeks she was dating John, but like, Emily's a million times worse."

"Right?" Someone clapped and Skylar jumped, barely able to hold back a squeak. "She barely goes anywhere without him and no matter who else they're with, she always hogs all his attention."

"John, give me your arm." There was a split second Skylar thought a third girl was involved until she realized the first girl was distorting her voice. "John where are we. John who's there. John where's the bathroom?"

The girls started laughing harder as the sinks turned off. Skylar frowned, eyeing the cracks around the edges of the door.

"And now he has another one." The second voice was accompanied by a glimpse of strawberry blond hair moving towards the paper towels. "John what's that?" She too altered her voice, a high pitched nasally voice. Did you see that? Wow, why is your indoor shopping complex so big?"

“Well at least the new girl isn’t ugly.” Laughter covered up the whir of the machines but not the ripping of the paper. Skylar balled their fists as the bathroom door squeaked again and the laughter faded away.

“I thought this was only a scene in movies.” Skylar mumbled to themselves as they debated whether or not to discuss what the girls told each other.

Word count: 330

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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