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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 164

Just off the almost always full market square was a small one story building. It used to hold an ophthalmologist, but they closed up early in the famine and with the government’s business loan, they opened a larger office. With the small building fair game for rent, another pair of Qwortarians applied for a business loan to open up their shop.

Skylar finished sweeping and set the brooms to the side. Benti stood behind the counter, juicing several kwineberries at once with their eight tentacles. The juice was being collected in four containers under the little juicers.

Skylar pulled out tiny little cups from a cabinet and started setting them out across the counter.

“What are we going to use those dinky little glasses for?” Benti asked.

“Samples.” Skylar’s eye stalk lowered closer to the counter, eyeing the collected purple liquid. “Free samples since people on Qwortar haven’t seen such a product before.”

“I don’t know about this free sample stuff. We have put so much money into rent and making these juicers.”

“You should have seen how many free samples they gave out in Earth supermarkets.”

“Just because it worked on Earth doesn’t mean it will work here.”

Skylar bobbed their eye stalk. “The juice is working. Grafting is working. I think the free samples will work. Just for opening day… maybe couple days. Once they get a taste they’ll be willing to buy more.”

“Hmm.” Benti grunted and continued juicing.


With Qwortarian after Qwortarian lapping, sucking, swallowing, and drinking the free samples down, and then sharing their experience with friends, Skylar and Benti were juicing kwineberries from opening to close.

“If they all come in tomorrow to buy the juice, we’ll make tons!” Benti lay on the ground, their tentacles splayed around them. “It’s too bad my tentacles are so sore.”

“Mine too.” Skylar groaned. “Know any good stretches?”

“My cousin should. They’ve been teaching Qworga for years.”

“Great. Are they teaching class tonight.”

“Every night.”

“Then let’s go.” Skylar pushed themselves up and started walking on four tentacles. With a groan Benti followed.

Word count: 347

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