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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 135

Raymundo wished Lucky didn't make their association with him so obvious. They were dragging him along as they practically ran between information boards, nearly vibrating from excitement, and squealing with each new fact.

And then Lucky also felt the need to relay every new fact they learned. "Did you know: owl eggs are almost perfect spheres, bats have extra long fingers with skin stretched between for wings, dragonfly nymphs breathe through their butts underwater, a female platypus excretes milk through a special gland for her young to just lick up-"

Raymundo rubbed his temples as many of Lucky's words faded to the background when his overloaded brain decided to stop listening.

Taking Lucky to the natural history museum may not have been the best idea.

"I thought you were content using the internet for learning about Earth." He finally muttered when Lucky paused for for some air.

"But the internet is full of inaccuracies, whereas here multiple people have agreed it is fact, or as close to it, as you can determine with current technology." Lucky put their hands on their hips. "And the more I know, the better my plan will be."

"Also more complicated." He sighed. "And really, what use is it to use that owls lay round eggs or that dragonfly nymphs can breathe underwater?"

"Via their butts." Lucky added, shrugging their shoulders. "You never know what may be useful.” They tilted their head and their eyes traveled up and down Raymundo’s body. “And it’s all pretty interesting.”

“Then why are you staring at me instead of the next poster?” He crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Because it is odd.” Lucky tilted their head the other way. “So much life on Earth goes through some kind of molt, most insects, many reptiles, even birds can go through molting with their feathers. Some go through such major changes from one form to the next, and yet you,” Lucky stepped closer, “and every other human, barely change from newborn to death’s door.”

“Yeah, and?” He raised an eyebrow at Lucky.

“It’s just, a little boring that’s all.” They shrugged, spinning on her heels, hair fluffing out behind them. “For the dominate species on this planet, I expected something,” Lucky waved their hand in the air, “more grandiose I suppose.”

“I see you’ve trusted the online dictionary.” Ray mumbled.

“Come on!” Lucky grinned over their shoulder, “There’s still so much to learn!”

Raymundo sighed, a heavy one that got cut off as Lucky grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the next exhibit.

Word count: 426

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