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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 131

Skylar poked a souffle with a tentacle. Despite looking tall and light, one single touch was all it took for the souffle to collapse into a pile of mush. They swiveled their eye stalk towards Jatydid.

"The souffles may be a bit soggy dear," Jatydid said, quietly

Leama spun around quickly, four tentacles waving in the air above their head, yolk and four spots dotted down them. "What do you mean the souffles are soggy?"

While Skylar quickly withdrew their tentacle away from the still hot ramekins, Jatydid extended one of theirs and quickly pokes two souffles in succession. Both deflated into piles of goop.

"It is either that, or they are not cooked all the way." Jatydid suggested as they moved around the table to grab a few of Leama's more wild tentacles.

"I followed the instructions! To the letter! Maybe those humans didn't write the recipe right!" Skylar threw up a tentacle to catch a crumpled piece of notebook paper flung by Leama. "Maybe Skylar can decipher it."

Raymundo's handwriting was sloppy, so Skylar had copied it underneath in much neater print. Or rather, they had the ship's scanner read it and print out the recipe in Qwortarian on the bottom of the page.

"It's right." Skylar's eye dipped into their body when a spatula came flying towards them. Leama changed a few if their tentacles into small Stampfer feet, and stomped over to the window.

Jatydid sighed and quietly followed. "They probably taste delicious." They fanned the edge of a few tentacles out and waved them at Leama.

Skylar stretched their eye stalk over to the cooking section, checking off the list of ingredients provided for the recipe. When they got to the eggs, seeing the bright pink shells sitting on top of the garbage. Whole the Dala eggs were about the size of a human football.

“Leama,” Skylar bobbed over to the parent who laid their egg, “I think I know the problem!” Leama’s eye stalk twisted into a corkscrew as they looked over at them. “It is too much egg! Our Dala eggs are way bigger than a chicken egg.”

“Well,” a tentacle grabbed the recipe from Skylar, “then I guess I have to do some calculations first.”

“See,” Jatydid relaxed against the windowsill, “it isn’t because you are a bad chef!” Jatydid blinked slowly and purposely at Skylar, a faster way to imitate a human’s wink than growing a second eye. “Good catch young one.”

“Thanks. I’m going to go to the greenhouses now.”

“Be prepared to be be called back to taste the next batch.” Jatydid waved Skylar off.

Word count: 436

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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